Su24 PS Online Evaluation Form Persuasive


Verbal Communication
● Pronunciation is fluent, with few vocalized pauses (e.g.,um, like, uh) ● Word choice is clear and unambiguous ● Speaker incorporates professional and clear language ● Speaker verbally acknowledged information from outside sources
Nonverbal Communication
● Volume is appropriate ● Pitch and rate are conversational yet professional ● Gestures are clear, appropriate, and enhance the speech ● Gestures do not detract from the speech ● Speaker makes effective eye contact with audience ● Posture is confident and not distracting from speech

Speech Content

● Speaker uses a relevant and engaging attention-getter ● Established credibility / Motivation to listen ● Speaker states the thesis of the speech clearly ● The introduction is clear, concise, and contains a preview
● Topic is presented as relevant and appropriate to the audience ● Main points are divided according to the outline and assigned topic ● Each main point follows a natural progression and makes sense ● Each main point is well-supported with sub-points, examples, and evidence ● Speaker uses clear transitions
● Speaker did not end abruptly ● Speaker did not introduce new points ● Speaker clearly summarizes main points ● Speaker uses an effective and memorable closing device ● Did not say ‘thank you’ to the audience! ● Includes easy call-to-action


● Used persuasive techniques ● Outline supports persuasive goals ● Supporting evidence is convincing ● Final pitch is has call-to-action ● Overall, convincing and persuasive