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We can help you start at the very beginning of a marketing and communication plan or be your partner in making your plan come together. We have award-winning experience in theory based strategies but also aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves to get a direct mail out the door or put together an electronic newsletter. We are here to help you, to make your business a smashing success. 


This is an area where we are different than most marketing and communication companies, we are creative but we also want measure the effectiveness of our campaigns. In fact, we build analysis into our marketing and communication plans. Our creative work is expected to meet its goals or we want to know why not. We use A/B testing, affinity group analysis, focus groups, social media thematic analysis, and surveys to get to the heart of the matter.


Documenting workflow and building analysis into the marketing and communication plan makes it possible to map out reusable strategies that are specific to a given audience and purpose. This creates efficiencies for budget-strapped businesses and also ensures consistent messaging which is necessary when building a relationship with today’s information-saturated  audiences. 

Do you need a social media plan?

Percentage of US adults using Facebook


The percent of Instagram hashtags that are branded


Percent of US Twitter users earning more than 50k per year


The percent of LinkedIn users who earn more than 75k per year


More than 65% of US companies with 100+ employees use Twitter for advertising, 65 million businesses now have Facebook pages, and mobile advertising accounts for 88% of total advertising expenditures. Yet, two-thirds of business executives say they have a hard time seeing a return on their social media investment even though they know that it has to be part of their plan marketing and communication mix. We can help make sense of emerging technologies and create strategies that work with your budget, and perhaps most importantly, develop programs that can be measured and adjusted according to the needs of your business.

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