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A successful creative piece resonates with a key audience. This may mean developing a new color palette, finding a corporate voice your public understands, and trying new media to reach that target audience. In marketing, creative work includes contemporary symbols and cultural references that connect emotionally with the intended public. All aspects of the creative, from colors to images, sounds, and text, work together to develop a consistent image of your organization.


A marketing and communication plan must first have a set goal and then an articulated process for gathering and analyzing data. Missing this component in the development of a campaign will result in something, but “what” will become the question. Similarly, collecting data without a plan for analysis results in an overload of information without meaning. A few research tools that might be useful include A/B testing, affinity group analysis, correlation, and regression studies, focus groups, social media thematic analysis, and surveys to get to the heart of the matter.


Documenting processes that include how creative was developed and then building analyses into the campaigns makes it possible to build ongoing strategies specific to a given organization’s audience. This creates efficiencies for budget-strapped businesses and ensures consistent corporate messaging, which is essential to building a foundation of trust and transparency. There is more than a one-size-fits-all solution; a campaign must be tailored to each organization’s needs and goals.

Patricia is an award-winning marketing strategist with 15+ years of excellence in producing compelling brand content and executing transformational, data-driven campaigns, that result in brand growth for diverse organizations.

She has a proven track record of leveraging cutting-edge digital/social analytics tools to optimize marketing programs, creating targeted campaigns that lead to high ROI while ensuring alignment with organizational vision and mission. She builds high-performing marketing and communication teams and cultivates robust brand partnerships. She works collaboratively with leadership on creative, strategic marketing and communications programs that are both sustainable and successful.



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