Writing Graphic

In this section, I’ve included a smattering of various writing and productions that I authored. I am able to provide hard copies for review.


Book: Catalina A to Z

Maxwell, P. J., Rhein, B., & Roberts, J. (2014). Catalina A to Z: A Glossary Guide to California’s Island Jewel: The History Press. 

Available on Amazon, select Barnes & Noble stores, and boutique stores in Long Beach and Catalina Island.


Isla Earth Radio Series Website Header

Maxwell, P. J. (Writer & Producer) (2008-2014). Catalina Island Conservancy: Isla Earth Radio Series. Long Beach, California: Catalina Island Conservancy.

Maxwell, P. J. (2008). What Works in Solving the Problem of Global Warming. the Flame, 3.

Maxwell, P. J. (2000-2004). Newspaper Column: Classroom Los Angeles Times.

Maxwell, P. J. (Writer) (1999a). Heavy-duty Vehicle Inspection Program. In R. Vargas (Producer), California Environmental Protection Agency. Los Angeles, California.

Maxwell, P. J. (1999b). Invention Hazards. Inventor’s Digest, 15, 34-36.

Maxwell, P. J. (1998). Crocus Capers. The World & I, 164-171.

Maxwell, P. J. (1997). College Pranks. CareerTech.com.

Maxwell, P. J. (1997-1999). Syndicated Newspaper Column: FutureWatch.

Maxwell, P. J. (1996a, August). Crackdown on Illegal Drugs. Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

Maxwell, P. J. (1996b, August). Fastest Grandma. Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

Maxwell, P. J. (1996c). Press Work for Harvey Mudd College: Embryo Development Gets Closer Look: Insights from a study may lead to earlier detection and treatment of diseases.

Maxwell, P. J. (1982, December). Former Pals Keep in Touch. Lincoln Journal Star.