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Again, it was difficult to select just one example of research as I’ve had the opportunity to work on some wonderful projects. I finally decided to share my dissertation with you. Not the most exciting book to read! However, it showcases my versatility as a writer and most importantly includes a listing of my research skills.

In December 2021, Patricia completed her doctorate degree in Media Psychology. This transdisciplinary program incorporated academic study in psychology and social science as they both relate to mass media and emerging technologies. Fielding Graduate University was one of the first accredited institutions of higher education in the United States to offer a doctorate degree in this area.


by Patricia J. Maxwell

This dissertation looks at Snow and Benford’s (1988) framing theory.

The research strategy for the study used a naturalistic inquiry of qualitative data using content analysis (Patton, 1990). It includes methodological triangulation that incorporates both directed and summative approaches of content analysis (Hsieh & Shannon, 2005).

A variety of tools and theory-based applications were applied to the raw data of 1.2 million Twitter posts collected during the Parkland social movement in 2018. Tools that were employed in this analysis included Dedoose, Leximancer, Tableau, and SPSS.

Download and read the entire Dissertation from ProQuest.