This The Cultural Norm will be available for one day. You can take the quiz twice and use your notes taken from class.

What was the penalty a studio could incur if they did not submit their completed film to the Production Code Administration for review?
What are the five (5) rankings in the MPAA Rating System (1968)
Censorship still occurs today. How is this possible?
Which of the following is not a Crime Against the Law list in the Production Code Book of 1930?
Does film shape or reflect social and cultural values?
How much audience might a film lose if it obtains an R rating?
In 1952, Otto Preminger released The Moon is Blue. What was the significance of this?
Fear that conservative interests would legislate against the film industry led to the formation of what in 1922?
Where was Joe and Rico going on the bus at the end of the film?
Why was Midnight Cowboy (1969) given an X rating?
In 1948, an anti-trust decision by the Supreme Court made a ruling (U.S. vs Paramount Pictures) that major production companies could no longer own theater chains. This opened the door for…
Between 1946 to 1954 movie attendance had dropped by (what amount?) because of the lack of interesting subject matter.
What was the main character's name in Midnight Cowboy?
Who was Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980)?
What often prompts conflict between conservative ideology and change?
What was the first task of William B. Hays (the General Postmaster appointed to head the office of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, Inc.) and his staff?